The FA's a great of the best manual focus cameras Nikon ever made. It was the first camera to sport Matrix Metering, and the results are very impressive. Although computerized metering has improved over the years, the improvements have been incremental at best. Should you choose to use it in Program mode, I think you'll find it handles difficult lighting situations with ease.

The FA tends to be a very solid camera as well. Although parts are long out of production, almost any competent repair person can make any necessary adjustments. If it's working well today, chances are it'll be working well for a very long time.

Of all of the Nikon cameras I've ever handled, the FA and FE2 are my favorites (with neither beating out the other in my book). Although they do require batteries (unlike the FM and FM2), the batteries are small enough to carry a few spares and the camera uses so little power that a set can last for years. I've had my FE2 since it was introduced, and have never had a bit of trouble with it. The FA's that are owned by my friends have similar track records.

I'm sure you'll be very happy with your new camera. Enjoy it...and let us see some examples from it!

Be well.