Ray McSavaney: Announcing Two New Workshops and Two Newly Printed Images

The two featured images were selected to give you an idea of some of the many rich possibilities that exist at the workshop locations and to begin to acquaint the participants with some of the options that will await you. To acquire these photographs, please see the back of this sheet. The earliest workshop, located in the Monument Valley region, has been designed to maximize photographic possibilities in some of the more remote areas that are seldom visited. The aspen workshop in the fall has been scheduled to coincide with the peak autumn color. These two workshops will be taught by Ray McSavaney and Eric Biggerstaff, who has written many articles for View Camera magazine and worked with different photographic workshop programs. All formats are welcome in the workshop; in fact a variety of formats makes the workshop more enjoyable and a greater learning experience. The structure of each workshop is designed to fit the needs of both traditional and digital photographers. While we can discuss digital technologies and processes, we are not experts in that area so those discussions will be kept at a more general level. The emphasis will be on how to make an image that underscores the desires and goals of the photographer and how these elements relate to the subject matter. To achieve this objective we will consider the photographer’s background, their abilities, the equipment they use and processes they employ. Indoor sessions will include critiques, presentations and discussions of various methods to improve the participant’s photography. Directed outdoor sessions will include instruction on a personal level and for groups when appropriate. We will stress achieving a successful and persona photographic statement that conveys the artist’s unique vision to the viewer.

Exploring Seldom Seen Areas of the Monument Valley Region
Kayenta, Arizona
May 15 to 19, 2011
Workshop Price: $1,250
Deposit: $175
This workshop will take place mainly in areas that most people that have been to Monument Valley have not explored and have only seen from a distance; often not realizing the amazing visual possibilities that exist beyond the areas they have experienced. The highlight of the workshop will be an overnight camping trip to the top of Hunt’s Mesa, an area to the south of what most people consider to be the heart of Monument Valley. This high mesa looks down on Monument Valley, where most people have taken pictures of widely known rock formations, in a manner that almost resembles an aerial photograph and encompasses distant landscape beyond. This new perspective from along the edge of Hunt’s Mesa will offer many different and exciting possibilities of the grand landscape. The time of the workshop has been planned for mid May; after the spring winds die down and before the heat brings gnats and other bugs to interfere with the photography experience. As an added bonus, the workshop has been scheduled to coincide with the full moon. The will give us the possibility of a moon rise to the east and the more exciting option of a moon setting to the west in the early morning, overlooking Monument Valley. In addition, there will be the opportunity for some night photography illuminated by moonlight. This trip has been planned to take advantage of some sites not ordinarily featured on a Hunt’s Mesa tour. While driving to and from this overnight destination, we will explore a couple of seldom visited ruin sites and a pothole arch. The food for the main meals, dinner and breakfast, will be provided by the outfitters and snacks will be provided by the workshop. In addition, there will be a trip to another major ruin site that is little known and seldom photographed. Other exciting field locations will be selected, dependent on the current weather and cloud formations.

Autumn among the Aspen Groves
Aspen, Colorado
September 25 to 29, 2011
Workshop Price: $950
Deposit: $175
The Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, surrounded by towering peaks, quiet lakes and colorful groves of aspen will offer the participant an outstanding opportunity to photograph in the field with Ray McSavaney and Eric Biggerstaff. Possible locations the class will visit are the Maroon Bells, Independence Pass, the Grottos, McClure Pass, Marble, Crystal, Lizard Lake, Capital Peak area, Hanging Lake and many others. The primary purpose of this workshop will be to make images, lots of images. Field sessions will be spent working with Ray and Eric on your photographic composition, understanding light, refining your camera technique and learning the ins and outs of making a fine photographic image. When not in the field, critiques, presentations and discussions will be used to improve our photographic knowledge. The workshop is really intended to help you learn about the “softer” side of photography, about making wonderful images no matter what format or type of camera you use.
This time in Colorado is perfect for photographing the beautiful aspen groves that surround the area as they change into their fall colors. The workshop location will allow us to move to higher or lower elevations to take advantage of the best foliage at its peak color. Early morning sessions will occur in the quiet light of the sun’s first rays, before breakfast, midday sessions will be dependent on lighting conditions and the afternoon sessions will run from the high contrast of full sunlight to peaceful, luminescent light after sunset. Most days will end with dinner at one of a varied selection of restaurants with the possibility of a short session to address questions that have come up during the day or to go over the next day’s activities.

Two New Photographs
These never before printed photographs are being offered for a limited time at one half of Ray McSavaney’s normal gallery price. The images are available at a special price of $300 for an approximately 5” X 14” photograph and $400 for an approximately 7” X 20” photograph. The panoramic format of two classic subjects was selected to emphasize the sense of space found in the western landscape. The two small images included with this brochure cannot convey the amount of intricate detail or tonal relationships found in the larger, archival processed, mounted and over matted photographs.
Monument Valley from Hunt’s Mesa, 2008 was taken after a Southwest Landscape workshop. John Sexton, Anne Larsen and I had set aside time to explore an area that we had always wanted to visit, Hunt’s Mesa. An overnight trip provided an opportunity to photograph this magical landscape from a different perspective. The later afternoon offered faint clouds but sunrise offered only a clear sky, which required rethinking my initial desires of glorious cloud formations to the realities of the time. The resulting photograph emphasizes the expansive space.
Aspen Grove near Independence Pass, Colorado 1992 was taken shortly before the publication of my book Explorations. When the designer and I decided to use an image of this aspen grove for the endpapers, taken at dusk in the late spring of 1986, I decided to revisit the area to see if I could find something that would work even better. After finishing fall workshop in Moab, Utah, I arrived at the grove at almost the same time as the previous negative had been taken. Most of the trees were bare, as before, and the lighting conditions were similar. The negatives were developed but due to time constraints of the book, the negatives were not printed and remained untouched until recently.

For additional information please contact:

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I will be happy to forward you additional details about the images and the workshops along with an application.