I bought one new back in the 80s and used it pretty regularly untill about 2 years ago when the shutter finally quit. I finally found a really nice used one a couple of weeks ago.

They only have two problems. First, it uses a LCD display for exposure info in the view finder. The Crystals eventually go bad and then you have to double check your F-stop and exposure visually. I was told once that this was a function of age of the crystals and had nothing to do with how much the camera was used. My original camera had a bout half the crystals bad so I could in most cases "dicipher" it and know what I had. The one I just bought is about the same.

Second, the shutter uses a titanium curtain, designed to provide the very fast shutter speeds. Early cameras had problems with these breaking. Mine had something break and jam. There are no replacement parts for the shutters from Nikon, so you have to junk the camera. I got a lot of good use out of it, but nothing like you would get from something like a F3 or F4.

The metering was excellent. Way ahead of its time with its exposure priority options.