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The film should have an emulsion number on it. Similar storage conditions are also important. Film with matching emulsion numbers from two difference places may be slightly different.

The best way to make sure everything is consistent is to buy in batches from a pro photo store. Try Freestyle, B&H, or Ultrafine. Many of the Superia products appear to be gone, so Ultrafine, which buys and cold stores trucks of film to be sold later, may be your best bet for getting Superia Press packs.
Awesome. thank you! I'm gonna do some research on Film shops in Bellingham. It's a college town, so artists of all sorts abound.

My local store (now, sadly, gone) used to keep film in a refrigerator. Which at the time I thought was odd. Now I am beginning to understand why. (Quality control)

I usually only bought a roll or two at the time, so I never thought about asking for pro quality and bought off the counter stock... Now I'm thinking differently.....