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Except I was thinking of trying out the 72mm. The Fuji goes no wider than 90mm. I can rent the Fuji locally, but was wondering if the Linhof was available anywhere. So far, I've found a few other places that rent Fuji's but no one rents Linhofs.
Lens and Repro has the Horseman 6x12 with 45mm option which maybe a possibility. I won't know for sure how wide of an angle I need until I get to the location on a scouting trip in July. I'm planning ahead.

I was an owner of a Horseman SW612. You are not going to like the 45mm as the image circle barely covers the format at f/11, which is where mechanical vignetting ends. The 55mm is better, but needs to be stopped down to f/11 to eliminate mechanical vignetting and then a center filter is need to eliminate natural vignetting. Panoramic cameras sound really interesting for astrophotography on paper. The reality is very different. Wide open is not just a matter of vignetting, there are a lot of abberations at those apertures--not attractive with point sources. You will need a lot of testing to figure this out.

If you are looking for an all-sky camera, fisheye lenses work better.