Hey APUGers,

This is my first post... (!)

So, I'm actually a "filmmaker" (editor, to be precise), but I have an obsessive fetish for 35mm still photography on the side. Now, in motion picture 35mm film, we shoot with a stock like Kodak's Vision3, which can pack a whopping 14 stops of latitude. After learning a long while back that this wonderful exposure advantage over almost all digital formats (up until cinema cameras like the RED MX and EPIC came around) is not the case with ANY 35mm still film. But hey, I would LOVE if someone proved me wrong on that one.

Anyway my question is this: Which 35mm color negative film has the most exposure latitude and/or dynamic range? I find that Ektar and Portra tend to yield the widest range, but I haven't shot charts with all the stocks I shoot with, so I can't say for sure. Obviously latitude gets wider when you up the ISO, but I don't want to shoot anything over 400 unless you have a REALLY good developing process that consistently provides awesome grain structure.

SO (to reiterate): Which 35mm color negative film (preferably under 800, unless you can convince me otherwise) has the widest exposure latitude/dynamic range?

Sorry to be so long winded... bad habit of mine.