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My comment was regarding the apparent absence of what is classic reticulation. It appears like a dried mud flat with tiny wormlike threads running through the image. The slight haze on the surface may be the nature of the special Aerochrome film, or may be due to the omission of the formalin pre-bleach. I can't comment on the former at all and I cannot comment on the latter until you run a "correct" E6 process with all of the steps. The formalin pre-bleach may contain enough formalin to prevent any of the effect you see.

It was the haze that bothered me, and I agree that it could be either of the two things you mentioned. I guess the only way to find out is go shoot some more film, run it correctly and see what happens.
maybe do a clip test first-- run a unexposed piece thru and see how it looks At 28 dollars a roll the stuff is too pricey to throw around, though it does look nice. Will let you know once I get enough film for a developing run.
Thanks again