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I'd be happy to help. When you're done with the Easter eggs, I'll be here snacking on jelly beans.
That's excellent.. thanks a million Lisa. I'll definitely take you up on that.. and a few of those jellybeans while you're at it...

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I have a Fuji AF zoom and loads of film to put up for the affair. PM me if thats what you want to do.

Fuji 1000 Zoom date, 35-80mm camera, and Fuji Superia film.
Rick thank you so much for that offer! I'll PM you as soon as we have more of an idea of what's happening, but we will definitely be taking your offer into consideration for this round!

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If nothing else works, I will know in about two days whether I can score a Nikon L35AF in pretty decent condition. It's a fixed 35/2.8 lens, but it is absolutely wonderful. A really robust camera too, so it should withstand the travel. Will let all know in a couple of days.
That's great Shawn thank you! We're in no hurry... I think everyone who has participated in travelling camera's before knows patience... too well!

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I'm up for being a reserve too!
Consider yourself reserved...