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Lee, I never agreed with Mc Cluan (Sp?) that the medium was the message.
Well, after years of resistance I have been dragged to the conclusion that the medium may be all that matters. And the ramifications are profound for APUGers. Here's the reasoning. By the Sixties everybody was shooting everything in terms of equipment. 35mm was long established, there had been a million Speed Graphics sold, and 6x6 had been owned by the Tessar since forever. But what images spring to mind when we think of the Sixties? Avedon. David Bailey. Diane Arbus. The common thread? The Planar-type lens married to a square format. Excepting Arbus, one could even make the case that it was the Hassy with the Planar. In other words, the Sixties, as we close our eyes and envision them, were created by the Planar-type lens. Avedon took pictures like he did because he could! Of course, the Planar/Hassy/Rollei concept was the cutting edge of technology for its day. The best photos of the day were created with the best technology of the day.

The ramifications? At APUG we are holding on to yesterday's best, unlike Avedon, Bailey and Arbus. I wager that the collectible superstars of the 2030's are shooting today on Leaf backs, or whatever is really the most technically advanced system of this day. Thirty years from now the stuff will look like nothing else. So, we will collect it.

Conclusion: the medium is the message!

(Just a 1:27 AM Sunday thought.)