As a follow up to this test, I wanted to see what rate of flow was necessary for each type of tank I use to get a complete change in 5 minutes as per the instructions from Kodak. I am posting them here.

250mL single reel stainless tank- .2 gallons/minute (.75 L/minute)

500mL two reel stainless tank- .2 gallons/minute (.75 L/minute)

1000mL 4 reel stainless tank- .3 gallon/minute (1.14 L/minute)

500mL generic plastic tank- .3 gallon/minute (1.14 L/minute)

Jobo 1520 2 reel tank- .3 gallon/minute (1.14 L/minute)

Though the volumes are similar for the plastic tank and medium SS tank, the designs of the plastic require a stronger flow to achieve the necessary change of water. The single reel tank actually needed less than stated here, but my meter will not measure less than that.