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macodirect has delivered the goods correct in time.
macodirect has invoiced the goods without German VAT.
macodirect has charged the credit card without VAT once with the respected credit card company SIX Card Solutions (Saferpay).

All other statements are speculations.

With kind regards,
Sebastian Junghans

I still not understand how can you denied it, why?, it's not big deal, everyone is human and errors can happen from time to time. My bank said your were wrong, visa said it also. Look, now it's fixed and my film is in my fridge; my last intention to post all of this was to try to persuade anyone to buy from you. I just wanted to share my experience because this is still a free world. You ship goods on time, your site is user-friendly and you have great prices, but like it or not your customer service leaves much to be desired. And that is not a speculation is a fact.