Hey Bryan, here is the thread describing it -> http://www.apug.org/forums/forum42/8...-printing.html

The thread is kind of meandering and superfluous, so here's the the gist:

You need 3 color-separation negatives from your color picture, in the size of the final print as they will have to be contact printed. These could be made digitally or analog.

Then you need 3 "matrices". I've been using subbed-melinex from the PhotoFormulary for this and a very simple gelatin formula. Basically it is nothing more than a clear substrate with a thin layer of clear gelatin poured onto it, much like a carbon tissue but w/o pigment.

These are then sensitized in dichromate, and exposed with the negative through the base of the matrix. You etch these in hot water and the points that received the most exposure have a thick deposit of gelatin, whereas points of low exposure produced no hardening and they wash off completely.

Each matrix is then soaked in a dye-solution corresponding to the appropriate color, and rolled one after the other onto a receiving sheet of gelatin coated paper.

VOILA! That's it in a nutshell. The hardest thing to get a hold of will be the dyes, but it won't be impossible, and I'm exploring (slowly) the possibility of using readily available textile dyes.