Well, i have a zeiss 50, nikon 16-35 nikon 24-120, 35-70 and the 70-200. Usually i travel with a rolling bag, but only carry one when out shooting. The only reason I am taking the 70-200 is for Xi'an but it has crossed my mind as to the wisdom of this thought. I won't take all three of the mid range zooms.

Altho, i do have a set up set up rings, i rarely use filters so it is just something else to drag along

I never use a uv filter and on occassion a polarizer.

I am looking for areas to visit within the city. We have one day free in Beijing on our own , with the other days being the responsibililty of the Viking folks. I am planning on having the hotel get me a driver for part of if not all of the free day and of course avoid those areas that we will be seeing with the tour group.