EDIT: Let me preface this with "I'm an amateur here, but ...."

I would personally classify Ektar as a narrow latitude film. The image will display if under or overexposed, but the side effects show the quality diminishes even though individual details remain (read: the colors go off, and quickly).

So while I like it for now, I consider it very narrow. I have heard good things about Portra and under/over exposure there.

I do not like Reala, as the latitude is almost nonexstent IMO when exposed according to the light meter. You get the narrow window of correct lighting, pitch black shadows with no definition, and blown out highlights, all in the same picture. It boggles the mind.

I'm personally working my way up to testing more film types. I picked up a roll of Kodak UC 400, and after that it's off to Portra 400 to test. That's about all I can really suggest now: Get single rolls here and there, and just shoot them! Make notes after you get them developed and tally a list of what films you liked and disliked.