I use this set up for my C41 development:
Jobo CPA-2 with elevator, 2523 tank (minimum 270ml volume in rotary) and two 2502 reels.

The tank takes 270ml in rotary. I use Fuji Hunt C41 chemicals. C41 developer in 3 parts A+B+C plus a starter, seperate Bleach and Fix and a Stabilizer (indeed containing also a wetting agent).

In this way a piece of cake to maintain the developing temperature of 37,8C +/- 0,5.
I am using the chemicals in one shot but for a 250ml mixture I add extra 10%-20% water (so an end volume of 270ml-300ml). The whole system is very reproducible.

If a large amount of Fuji Hunt chemicals is too much: The same chemicals are sold under Rollei Digibase C41 as smaller kits, incl. everything like syringes etc. It's exactly the same stuff!