Telos - Clay Harmon
5.75 x 7.5 inches - Hardcover
16 pages - 11 duotone reproductions
1- original photogravure
signed and numbered
edition: 100
North Light Press

I'm pleased to finally be able to announce the first book in a new series of limited edition books that will soon be available on my North Light Press publishing label. I'm calling it the "11+1 Signature Series" with each book focusing on the work of a specific photographer and consisting of 11 high quality reproductions and 1 original print of varying processes. There will be more about this series in the sponsor forum, but I wanted to also announce it here as book #1 is by none other than Clay Harmon, who has been a long time contributor to this site.

Telos is one of my favorites of Clay's body of work. A project shot some years ago at night on TMax 3200 film, I have always hoped for it to be book #1 in this series. Clay has been doing some wonderful work with photogravures and I am pleased that he is personally making the included prints as well. I've already had advanced copies of the from the printer and the quality has exceeded our expectations. It is a beautiful, little book and it and others in this series will be a fine addition to any collection.

The book will officially go on sale this coming Monday, May 2 via the website with any remaining copies going to selected booksellers at a later time. If you'd like to get on the mailing list to be reminded of this, simply add your email HERE.

Join me in congratulating Clay on his new book!

You can view a short promotional video about the series and this book here...

Thank you!

Bill Schwab