I have both XD-11 and SRT-102 as well as most other Minolta MF models. From a practical point of view, if I have to choose one between the two as my only camera, I would go with XD-11 for its quiet shutter, nice metering system, bright viewfinder, multi-auto mode, accurate and durable vertical electronic shutter, common battery type, etc. Some would say that SRT would be better in cold weather, but I have used XD-11 with a fresh pair of batteries in -20 C for a few hours and had no problem. There are many practical reasons to choose XD-11 over SRT, BUT SRT is a beauty in itself and it feels great when you hold it, which is why I got two SRT-102 and a SRT-202 in my closet as well. :-) At the end of the day, you have decide for yourself based on what you plan to use it for and why you get into these old cameras in the first place.