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My favorite 35mm is currently the XE-7, which is a great blend of both worlds, you may want to give it a look as well.
If the price is right, Buy Both !
My SRT-101 is still taking a licking, if the XD-11 is still functioning properly.
Enjoy it while you can, if price is not a major concern. If your wallet isn't cooperating, just take The 101. It should still be able to provide many years of service. Some wiseguy had to go and mention the Minolta XE-7, that's a magnificent piece of machinery ! I have two that are busted, but I still use
them on the 'X' setting, and 'B' for those long exposures. It really is one of
the Sweetest Cameras ever made ! I got so excited thinking about the XE-7,
I forgot to give you an Official Welcome To APUG ! Pardon My Manners ...