The SRT is a plain-ol' camera – one you'd see if you looked up "camera" in the dictionary. You control shutter, aperture, and focus, and that's it (though there are a few other doodads). You don't need much else, despite what many think. The fact that the batteries are not made is a plus IMO. It will force you to think harder about light and/or use a hand held meter. If you must have an in-camera meter, I'd just go for the XD-11. They are great cameras too.

You can also resolve the battery issue in the SRTs by using 675 hearing aid batteries adapted to fit the compartment. IMHO, don't waste your money on Wein cells; you are better off with one of the 1.5V alkalines, even though they provide the wrong voltage. The Wein cells are expensive, they must be replaced often, and they drift like mad IME.

I agree that the XE-7 is also a good camera.