Howdy all,

After much deliberation, I have decided that I am going to buy a Bronica SQ-Ai, to replace a Koni-Omega that I could never get the hang of. From a camera point of view, I wanted a 6x6. I also wanted to have bulb settings, ect, so the SQ-Ai seems to be the best fit.

I am curious, though, of a few things:

OK, I am going to start with the 80 F2.8, but what are the key lenses to look at. I am looking at probably finding something to shoot portraits with. The obvious first point would be the 150mm. But does anyone have any experience with the 110mm Macro? Would that be a suitable portrait lens?

What other lenses that are part of the system should I be considering (In general)

What are the key failure points on such camera's? I have read in that their have been light leak problems in earlier SQ backs. Is this still apparent in the later SQ-Ai? If so, is it a case of replacing seals/felts or is it more of a wear issue?

Other Accessories
What other accessories should I be looking for? At the moment, I am looking at one with a WLF. Apart from the metering aspects, is it worth my while going for an AE prism?

What about grips and the like? Also, what portable flashes should I be looking at (if I go the AE prism and want to do TTL flash metering?)


Oh and PS. If anyone mentions a RB/RZ, I'll freaken scream