So I've now printed with all three types I've got so far, Kodak Ektacolor Supra III in 5"x575' roll which I cut up in the dark, Kodak Supra Endura 8x10" sheets (Expired 2009) and fresh Fuji Crystal Archive Type II 8x10" sheets. I'm surprised, the Supra III is old but it still looks great! No fogging at all, nice colors, not hard to balance, quite neutral colors. The Supra Endura is quite warm, I have to work hard to get rid of some extra yellow though I do like how it looks overall. The CA Type II also works though it seems tough for me to get the color balance perfect but it can be done with some tweaking; the Fuji CA is quite cold compared to the Endura. I was thinking about getting some 11x14" Endura to try but I'm still unsure as I'm actually finding it the toughest to color balance of the three papers and my wife really prefers smaller prints for snapshot type stuff so even 8x10" is kind of big for most of what I do in color. Might get one box of 11x14" for some nice color landscapes...

I'm printing from Ektar, Reala, NPH, Portra 160NC, 400VC, mostly developed myself in the Tetenal Powder. I'm using the Kodak Ektacolor RA-4 RT 10L kits but just making up 500mL of dev and blix at a time for my little 8x10" trays.

I find all three papers quite usable. I seem to have bought the last 5" roll of Supra from B&H and have half a mind to pick up the 4" roll too, for $29 it is such a great deal for a long roll! But it will probably take me a while to print through the 5"x575' which is going to be something close to 1000 5x7" prints plus a few 5x14" panoramas. How much longer will that old paper last I don't know, perhaps a second roll would be foolish thinking I'd get through it.

If all I can get is CA Type II then I can print on it. It is very lightweight but easy to use. I actually haven't used the Fuji Type C so I may not know what I'm missing.