For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about (or who just want to drool together with me), here's a link to a Jap site with some pictures:

The camera is a weird kind of wedding between a Makiflex and a Peco Junior. So it's a 9x9 SLR camera, which gives you plenty of front movements but no back movements. It has a focal plane shutter, so you can stick any lens of it that isn't interfering with the mirror reflex system. So no (extreme) wideangle lenses, but I seem to be swimming up the stream with my utter absence of lust for wide angle work.

Lensboards are easy to make at home, or I could use those of the Peco Junior. Curtain can be replaced if broken, but mine seems fine.

The bellows can be taken off quite easily, and they should too, for they are certainly NOT perfect. Saw some light leaks already.

You can use all international backs that you'd want. They fit fine. The back is revolving.

I have been looking for this extremely rare camera for quite some time now and was giving up hope of ever finding it. Or even being able to aford it when I did. And then the unimaginable happened today!

We were sauntering around on a large Dutch photographica fair, nosing around for smaller odds and ends. I was looking at some Gossen spot meter thingummy when my gaze happened to travel upward. I think my eyes must have fallen out of my sockets, my heart did a funny thing inside my breast, I gasped audibly and cried "A pecoflex!". Everyone at the stand turned their heads to see who was behaving so idiotic. Apparently I went red all over. That is because I realised it was really a Pecoflex, it was a in a decent shape AND one I could afford it as well. Needless to say, all my usual resistance to spending largish wads of money melted very fast. I could live on air now for at least a week - at least, that's how I feel right now.

As it came without lens, we later bought some dirt cheap older barrel lenses to test drive the camera. An extra-rapid doppel-anastigmat f8/195cm by Ica and a French Som Berthiot f6.8/250. I can't wait to start experimenting with it.

When someone is interested in hearing more about the Pecoflex experience, let me know, although it might take a while before you could see the results.
I have to be off now, to bid on a lens compendium for the Peco Junior - as these older lenses definitively need protection from the sun ;-)

A very intensely happy medform-norm

PS And I don't care a fig if someone here has something to say against it (that it's big and clumsy or old-fashioned or whatever) - it's all a matter of taste anyhow - to each his own camera!