Reading Ken Rockwell's review of the Mamiya 7 has suggested to me that this combination would be the best thing ever. So, I've been toying with the idea of getting this combo.

The Mamiya 7 II just has a multi-exposure switch and a brighter viewfinder compared to the 7 from what I understand. I doubt this will be too much of an issue for me (not one worth 2x the cost of the body anyway). The 43mm lens he says is the best lens ever. Ridicusharp, flare-less, distortion-less, and wonderful at any and all apertures, focuses, subjects, etc.

Has anyone ever scanned a picture shot with this lens at full resolution and put examples online? I'm curious. Currently, I have twin Mamiya 645's. I am considering making the move up since my primary use for the Mamiyas these days are star trail pics where I want a wide lens and big film resolution.

Can anyone take a moment to sell me on how awesome this would be?