I received Bob's reply to my email today, and he said that the processing chemistry may be very similar to that used for the Polachrome 35mm instant slide film. Looking at the Land List website, it seems that Polachrome was descended from Polavision, one difference being that the negative layer was left on Polavision whereas it was removed from Polacrome. Apparently, the remnants of the negative layer were one of the reasons that gave Polavision its notorious murky quality. If by using a Polachrome-derived developing agent the footage is relieved of this attribute, it would actually end up being better for both the image and projection through a conventional Super-8 projector.

After about 5 minutes on the internet I located the MSDS sheet for Polachrome:

Sodium Hydroxide: 5-10%
Tetramethyl Reductic Acid: 7-13%
Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous: .50-1.50%
N-(N-Pentyl)-.Alpha.-Picolinium Bromide: 1-5%

So, if any forum members are well-versed in chemistry, and could advise a course of action re. mixing this (aside from, "Wear gloves!"), I'm prepared to venture down the dark path of obsession that leads to lost friends and hospitalization in order to get this to work...

Thanks in advance,