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I've been processing in handheld inversion tanks at room temperature ever since I killed an entire batch of 4x5 negs from trying to do it at 102, and have had quite acceptable results for both roll and sheet film. I've used both the Arista and Tetenal kits, 13.5mins in developer and 8 mins in blix @ 68, agitating for 5 sec ever 30 seconds.
This is really interesting! If there are no cons except for the extended time, why have we never heard of this? I would much, much rather take the extra time than going through the PITA of keeping 38C and having to stress and hurry with the developer.

I know that Tetenal themselves claim that you can develop at 30C for 8 minutes, so if that doesn't affect the colors, it makes perfect sense to do it at 20C for an extended time.

Anyone else tried this? I don't want to screw up my film.