holmburgers, You have 1000s of posts. Many post and many of them are great. I have learned quite a bit from your posts. I just disagree with you on your being dismissive of the possible dangers.

Here is my point and an example:

I know of several instances of two dumb people working together to create a disaster that neither one on his own could accomplish. I will share he most tragic one that I have personal knowledge of.

As a teenager a friend of mine was working on a farm with his father and another man. They had cleared a large pile of brush, poured gasoline on it and started to burn the pile. The brush was damp, the flames went out and the pile was just smoldering.
The conversation sent something like this:
My friends father: I should have used more gas to start.
The other man: Just pour some more on.
Father: Are you sure?
The other man: Yea, the flames are out, its just smoldering.

He the poured the gas on the smoldering brush. The gas did not burst into flame. It did however vaporize due to the heat. When he lit a match to relite the fire he was engulfed in a fire ball. He suffer fatal burns and died the next day.

So when someone urges caution do not be dismissive. You may be encouraging someone to take a risk that they would not without you.