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Why do we think that print sharpness is influenced by paper emulsion? The resolution limit of standard enlarging paper is far beyond human detection.
I'll also doubt that there is a distinguishable difference between an 8x10 contact print and a 4x5 enlarged to 8x10. As long as the 4x5 lens delivers 34 lp/mm or better, you won't be able to see a difference without optical aids.
Ralph, The sharpness thing (AZO-Lomida) is what I kept reading last night and I was kind of in disbelief myself. If my regular enlarging paper is giving me good sharp, (when I want them), prints, then why wouldn't the same paper give me excellent contact prints. I always heard,"never believe what you hear and only half what you read". Maybe it's less than half what you read? I did make some contact 8x10 prints about 30 years ago and just used Dektol and Ilford FB Gr.2. I still have the prints and they don't impress me much. I'd like to see if I can do things better in my old age. At least I know I'm a Little more patient now and that might help.
I'm almost out of 8x10 warm-tone paper and don't want to cut my larger size sheets down so I might just try some of the cheap Foma Fomalux RC 312 to practice with and I have the chemicals to mix up my own warm-tone developer.