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What b/w emulsions are currently available in 5x7?
I'm keeping a little spreadsheet of available films, and although I haven't checked out availability lately, this is what I had listed to be available in 5x7:

Adox CHS 25 Art
Adox ORT 25 Orthochromatic
Arista EDU Ultra B&W 100
Arista EDU Ultra B&W 400
Efke PL 100 M
Efke PL 25 M
Efke PL 25 ORT Orthochromatic
Efke PL 50 M
Foma Fomapan 100
Foma Fomapan 200
Foma Fomapan 400
Ilford FP4+
Ilford HP5+
Kodak Tri-X Pan

(This may be a bit misleading, as I've heard the Arista line is rebranded Fomapan and/or Ilford.)