To cross reference the thread on the shrouded turbine (not the Shroud of Turin ), I now have some results to compare with the reference there to my friend Ingo's web site, referenced in that thread.

I have now compared a shrouded turbine (PEPA) mixer with a propeller mixer and have the following pictures taken at 2000 RPM. The left photo is a propeller and the right is a Planar Emulsion Precipitation Apparatus (PEPA), both at the same speed. You can see the difference visually. To make them visually the same with respect to turbulence it is necessary to reduce prop speed to about 900 - 950 RPM or about 50% of the speed of the PEPA.

The prop mixer directs an approximately cylindrical vortex downward to the bottom and then upwards to create a "V" in the beaker. The PEPA creates a horizontal "T" vortex with 2 random cylinders that mix more effectively with less entrained air.

I now plan on making some complex emulsions that will benefit from the better mixing supplied by the PEPA.