I priced some work with Fleenor and with another guy, Frank Marshman, who owns and operates Camera Wiz, in Harrisonburg, VA. Frank was cheaper, and for me, was closeby. (I had seen recommendations for him in magazines by well known photograpers.) I called him when I had bought an older 3.5T for overhaul cost. I wound up sending it to him. Ultimately, I had the same problem with film advance that you describe (cold weather, the whole bit). He actually worked on this camera three times before he found the problem, and never charged me after the first time. He will also spend time on the phone with you. I recommend him highly. If you contact him, mention my name and my problem with film advance (he'll remember), it may be the same fix for yours.
Frank Marshman
Camera Wiz
(800) 471-8133