It's a model made up until the early part of WWII (US entry) after that the models changed, they were made in a different factory with new hardware. Bingham's camer production facilities was making turned over entirely to war production of optical instruments.

It's a Universal View made from around 1935 to 1941/2, and it's the more desirable version with front tilt which is very useful with a 10x8 camera. Without a case or lens it cost $73 in 1941The Deluxe Universal View was Grey finish with nickel hardware nowhere near as nice looking

It's not the top model that was the Commercial View which takes an extension rail and extends to 36" compared to the shorter bellows of the Universal View which extend to 26". I have both models although my Universal View has no front tilt.

These Agfa Ansco's were regarded as the best 10x8 LF cameras available before WWII, the company Scoville, later Antony & Scoville goes back to the early days of US camera manufacture. Owners included Ansel Adams, Brett Weston etc and I know Steve Anchell swears by his

My own Commercial View came from Portland, Maine and the original owner was a student & later lecturer at the Clarence White School of Photography, he'd bought the best available US made camera & lens of the time, so the Agfa Ansco and a 12" Goerz Am Opt. Dagor, which was later factory coated after WWII.

So you've got yourself a great camera, lots of Pedigree and very usable, the lens is post WWII but a very suitable match for the camera and should be sharp and contrasty.