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Don't quote me on this, but I believe I have heard that VC emulsions are made from mixing two emulsions together that are laid down at the same time -- not two distinct layers. It would certainly simplify and speed up the manufacturing process! But I could easily be wrong about this.

I thought the whole idea behind a vacuum easel was to do away from the need to use glass, and the two additional surfaces that dust can be on?
The vacuum easel works great for keeping large sheets of paper flat, but anything above that paper it has no bearing on. If I were to put a sheet of paper on the easel and turn the pump on the paper goes flat, then I position the 8x10 neg over the paper and there's nothing to force the neg to make close contact with the paper. That's why I'll need a heavy sheet of 11x14 plate glass. The suction from the easel on the overlapping glass will also help put pressure on the neg/paper. I read somewhere where a person used a very large sheet of mylar on a vacuum easel and they said it worked fine.