I want in!

Anyone want to discuss if it would be a good thing to put the disposable camera in a less-disposable box tied with string or something so it'd be much easier to ship. My first thought would be a cheap rubbermaid box with a lid, then put the camera in a ziplock bag inside. We could punch a couple of holes in the lid and box through which we could thread some twine and tie it shut. (I guess tape would also work, but several generations of tape would really make the thing gummy and hard to process by various post offices.) Then, each recipient need only slap on some postage, two shipping labels, and tie it shut.

Is the topic for this roll going to be wide open, or shall we (or "you", if the event is full already) shoot on a given theme?

Finally, whose going to process it? Shall the last person on the list just take it to an hour minilab, get a photoCD and post the images? Maybe we'll have to get a special gallery from Sean if we're going to post a whole roll of images for one event. Almost certainly, that will overflow any single person's quota.