On a recent shoot in Washington DC, to capture my images for World Wide Pinhole Photography day I took my flipped lens Hawkeye and burned a roll with it. Upon returning to my car I was switching hands to get to my car keys. The pass was missed and my small Tamrac case was dropped. In it were the Hawkeye, 2 Olympus OM 2S cameras, one with the 100m f2 and the other with the 24mm f2. Yes, my heart stopped for a moment. My pinhole camera was in my jacket and unharmed. Both the OM cameras and lenses survived, however the Hawkeye was toast. I thought I might have gotten lucky and just busted one half of it and could use the other half. That was not the case. It is now a potential donor camera, Dropping it perhaps 2 feet in a padded case I hoped it would have survived. Lesson lerned, Hawkeyes don't bounce. Bill Barber