This is a steal (have you priced LS-8000s and 9000s lately?).

One thing that no one notices is that the Nikon LS8000/9000 cannot handle a strip of 2 6x12 negatives - it does not physically fit in the holder. The Microtek 120TF and Sprintscan 120 (basically the same scanner) have a wide enough holder aperture to handle this (as well as strips of 5 6x4.5 frames, another thing that doesn't work on the Nikon). You're still limited to scanning 2 6x9s at a time (or 3 6x6 or 4 6x4.5s), but at least you don't have to recut your negs to fit them into the holder.

Another benefit of the Microtek/Polaroid is the cold cathode light source, which is a lot more forgiving of base-side film scratches. I have both the Polaroid and the Nikon, so I know.