This is the same camera listed as before, with a lower price, better pictures, and more information. I am selling this for a friend, so if you make an offer that is lower than what you see here, it may be a couple of days before I can get back to you. I have had the whole thing checked over by Don Cardwell, so I have updated and expanded the descriptions.

The whole package has been repriced at $1,750 – if you want to buy less than the whole thing, the prices are below. Shipping is extra, I won’t mark it up, but I will promise that it is not cheap to ship an 8x10 view camera. Paypal is fine.

  • Sinar F 8x10 view camera. Consists of F front standard, F rear standard for 8x10 (note that this is set up for portraits; if you need more than 1” of rise, you need an F2 front standard), tripod body (3/8”), four rail sections (missing end caps, but this does not affect function), 8x10 Sinar grid ground glass, standard bellows. Nice cosmetic and perfect functional condition. Includes Pelican 1600 (f/k/a “King Pellican”) case and a dark cloth. You need to provide lens/shutter, lens board (I will throw in a rough but functional one), film holder, and sturdy tripod. $850.

  • Sinar F small bellows (retired to shade duty). This is a bellows that you can use as a compendium shade. I have only one of the two L-shaped supports (I am told you need two). You can probably rig something to keep the shade up - if you don't want to just fork over $15 for B&H for a used second bracket. $25 (Domestic shipping: $7)

  • Sinar/Copal Shutter (Norma vintage but fits most Sinars). This is a modern, mechanically-timed, press-type shutter for using barrel lenses with a view camera (you need a cone-type lens board). Good working order (tape on it was being used for filters). Includes the $120 cable release and hardwired PC connector. Does not include the secondary cable release (you can find this on eBay, but no one is shooting 8x10 these days so quickly that you need the functionality this provides). Includes the manual from a newer version $500. (Domestic shipping: $10)

  • Schneider [Linhof] Technika Convertible Symmar (240/5.6 to 420/12 - equivalent to a 28mm and 60mm) lens in Copal #3 shutter. 1979ish vintage, single-coated, and – from what I am told – a little easier to get shadow detail from than the newer MC optics. Front filter ring is a little distorted (still takes a filter), and there is a dent in the back (straightened where the metal extends past the glass - visible in one of the pictures). 8x10 coverage, but don't count on movements. Takes a modern Copal 3 lens board. $250. (Domestic shipping: $10).

  • Rodenstock APO-Ronar 480/9 (19") in Copal #3. Gorgeous lens in a very modern shutter (it’s still a rim set, but the rim is a couple mms deep from front to back and very easy to click). Glass is great. Another 1979ish single-coated lens. Your portraits will look awesome. 8x10 coverage, but don't count on movements. Takes a modern Copal 3 lens board. $450 (Domestic shipping: $10).

  • Schneider Converitible Symmar (210/5.6 to 370/12) (everything blacked out but the serial number (this is a 1968-1969 lens); some Schneider spots around the rear element; could stand to be cleaned). This is in a barrel. Attempting to convert it to a shutter will likely result in the loss of the ball-bearing detent for the aperture (or so I have been warned). Requires a barrel lens board. 8x10 coverage, but don't count on movements. $75 (Domestic shipping: $7).

I can send details of any of the pictures below. They are a little out of order, but if you are interested in something, I can send you as many pictures as I have.