It’s time to close the Monthly Shooting Assignment March-April 2011 “Light and Shadow” now.
After a slow start I was happy to see a lot of very nice and creative submissions.
I have to choice my favorite image now; in my bad English as usual; please help me!
But first I will thanks all of you for your fantastic photo’s in this threat and MSA:
Alphabetic there are: Barbara Ann, bblhed, diapositivo/fabrizio, hpulley, kraker, micallngelo, mooseontheloose, nsouto/noons, puptent, semeuse, sly, and a few samples from myself.
There are AT LEAST six or seven winners this time, but I will pick out two:
On the second place: Sun on Ferns from Sly.
An image with a mystic atmosphere, big impact of the light/shadow effect and a great composition. Photography is writing with light, we could see here!
Come with me my love from phulley is on the first place. The long shadow, fine subtle white/gray tones, the text, composition and contrast did it for me.
So congratulations hpulley, you can think about the juli/August MSA.

Nsouto (Noons) can start the may/juli assignment, success!!