I've posted Kodak film ads here on APUG that I copied from Rangefinder magazine just a few years back. I did this in response to just the same sort of thread. They were advertising in the face of a severely declining market, twice the current decline. These last 3 years, 2008, 9 and 10 were difficult due to the economy and due to the motion picture industry that we discussed to death in another thread.

Yes, Kodak is doing poorly. So is Fuji and for the same reasons plus some problems with supply as you may remember in yet another thread.

Analog sales are doing very poorly world wide and there probably will be no turning around the big two. Ilford and some of the smaller companies will probably make it, but the answer is to buy Kodak film if you want to have good negative color films to shoot. And, all of the B&W products we love as well.