A few questions about Amidol which I'm about to try for the first time with Azo among other papers.

1- Do Amidol processed prints need different exposure than Dektol prints?
2- Does it change (Azo) paper color/tone? To what?
3- What is the difference between Fein's and Michael A Smith? formulae - in terms of cool/warm/color to the paper?
4- How's Amidol for papers other than Azo. Is it worth swtching to?
5- What exactly does extra time in it do (ie, 3-5 mins as opposed to 1-2)?
6- Lastly, how "better" is Amidol anyway? Are we talking about a 10% improvement? 50% - 100%?

I've got my breathing mask, gloves, long sleeves and fans all at the ready for this nasty - but highly touted - chemical.

Thanks for your assistance.