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Yes, for me it's the "best" because it does all the things that I desire for my photography: Lightweight, sharp/contrasty lenses, and multiple focal lengths in my favorite format--6x7. The lenses are quite spectacular and the body, although cheap feeling in some ways, is quite easy to use and feels very proper in one's hands. So for me, it's the best I've come across, and clearly for others, it's not. Especially for those who like SLRs as well as those who need closer focusing that 3-5ft.

I actually do believe his reviews are written in an honest assessment, but with a serious slant of satire towards people who are uber analytical about their equipment.
I'm glad you agree that 'best' is personal.

My 'best' camera is the one I know inside out, loaded with the film I know inside out, and carrying the light meter I know inside out. Helps me to not think about the camera when I take pictures.

And for the record, I still think Ken Rockwell isn't qualified to write reviews. Sorry.