I've a few rolls of 120 that I need developed and printed [C-41]. In the past I've used Peak in Sheffield, but the last few rolls/prints I had from them [a year or so back] I wasn't very happy with. There wasn't anything really terrible with them, but they were grainier and slightly less colour-accurate than I'd have liked. If anyone's used them recently I'd like to hear.

Does anyone have recommendations? I know there's Metro in London but they are pricier than I'd like.

I've used Genie in the past just for dev-only. Has anyone had prints from them?

I could work hybrid and get the negs dev'd and then scan and print myself, but I'd rather get it all done as a package.

These are family portraits for a friend and colour fidelity is the key thing, no magenta skin tones, or odd yellowish colours.