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I do, sort of. I use a bathroom at home, but my enlarger is a black and white rather than colour enlarger, and 35mm only. I've been making analogue prints from 35mm, and working hybrid with 120 or occasionally using an enlarger at work. I had a medium format enlarger in the past but don't currently have space, and my workplace recently decommissioned their darkroom. I know relatively compact colour 120 enlargers exist, but they aren't an option for me in my current place. So with 120 I need to either work hybrid or send away for dev and print packages.

Fair enough. I can see you're not really set up for dealing with Jobo machines, colour processing etc. My Jobo ATL-2300 works well but the whole system verges on an on-going maintainance project. The latest addition is the successful use of gaffer tape to keep the drum lid and tank together.