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Hpulley- Yeah, I think it's "that bad." I blew $300 on Type II paper and I sacrificed two boxes of 16x20 simply for the dark bag and box. I have no idea what Fuji was thinking and I question if they did any analog testing. I special ordered a roll of matte Super Type C from B+H and it arrived in a timely manner. It just took three hours on a Saturday to cut 10% of it down. I posted in another thread that Type II is good for two things: bird cage lining and causing analog color shooters to go digital (which I refuse to do until it's totally gone).

Larry, Colorado
So does that mean that i can print with this Super C in rolls and it will be the same as the old type C cut sheet form that is now discontinued? I'm trying to finish out an edition of prints that was printed on that before there is no paper left !! So glad I found this site... i'm not alone (: