Time for an update, the number is 23. And btw. there are people from eight different countries in the exchange right now. And none from the UK

Please have a look ...

andrew.vartabedian (10)
anikin (MAX)
ccross (MAX)
Dave Martiny (40)
drpsilver (MAX)
George Nova Scotia (MAX)
hpulley (MAX)
ignatiu5 (25)
kraker (25)
Laurent (MAX)
markrewald (MAX)
MattKing (28)
Mike Wilde (30)
ndrs (MAX)
Oxleyroad (30)
piu58 (20)
rai (25)
Roger Thoms (MAX)
rst (40)
Sweettea (25)
swittmann (20)
Trond (MAX)
Valerie (30)