Hey All,

So I've just set up a home color darkroom with a Durst 607 enlarger and a Fujimoto CP-31 processor. While I was in the process of building the darkroom, I came across a company giving away their stockpile of Fuji RA-4 color chemistry and snatched some up.

A few days ago I mixed the chemistry and tried to make a few enlargements, and every single one of my test strips gave me a pink-red image that didn't change with different filtration settings.

I worked and maintained a color darkroom for 5 years in college with the same chemistry and a Fuji CP-51 processor, and have never seen the problem I'm having now.

I've eliminated some variables and believe that I have a perfectly functioning processor and good paper, so I BELIEVE all I'm left with is bad chemistry.

Does anyone know if this pink/red cast is coming from expired chemistry? I was assured when I picked up the chemicals that they were only a year expired and kept in an air-conditioned storage unit. I have yet to use expired chemistry, so I just wasn't sure if this was what happened when you use it.

Thanks so much for any info/feedback!