Another show down. I picked up some true junk, some stuff other people would call junk, and a few real finds. Best deal for me is probably the "Scientific Lens Co. Extreme W.A. Anastigmat #2" I found at a neighboring table. The dealer was asking $50, but it was late in the show, I showed him that the shutter was not working and the aperture didn't move with the lever. He gave it to me for $25. Later, after some fiddling, I got the problems solved, went back to him and offered to pay more of give it back, since it was working. He said, "No, keep it. It's the last of a set of lenses I got from one old woman who's husband had a lot of that junk. I might as well just get rid of it." In most cases, I would say that was an silly move. In this case, it's a dealer who knows what he can sell, where he sells and to the people who come to him. This wasn't in his comfort zone and he was simply being a nice guy and passing it on to another dealer. Even though I am not a dealer, being at the show with an exhibitor badge makes me "one of them." Actually, during the entire weekend I heard conversations like that all around me, and not just with dealers. The sellers seem to understand that the young people (and there were a lot of young people) are the future of this type of photography. There was a lot of passing the torch going on. Nice folks.