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Two words... STOP! THIEF!

Damn, that was a GREAT deal! Congrats!
Thanks everyone for sharing my glee - I'm still glowing.

That camera looks very cool. I assume you know how to read Japanese though!

Well, I wish I could read Japanese. It would save me trouble of seeing if Altavista's Babel Fish feature is up to translating it for me ;-)

Now that you've mentioned it here, these things will be showing up on eBay and selling for $1600 in no time.
Let's hope I start a trend - it might enable me to get more parts, accessories and gadgets for it...I just missed out on the compendium for instance. You just NEVER see a Pecoflex on eBay. At least, I haven't in the past year.

We've done some test driving with it, using makeshift cardboard lens boards, throwing an old black t-shirt over the leaky bellows and shot some 4x5" Polaroids that were left over. The shutter speeds are pretty accurate, like with a view camera one has to take bellow draw into exposure calculations, the movements are sufficient and even these ancient lenses are quite allright in terms of color and contrast - although they need very very good shades.
All in all, a very nice addition to our collection, I would say.

Now we will have to do some spring cleaning in the camera closet. Got some French 6x9 CRF folders that are ready to find new homes. You just can't keep'em all.... can you?