The folding is easy.... if the layout was correct.

I got my first box of Kodak Green 11x14 film, it's 11x14 minus 1/32" on each dimension. I'm starting the film holders next, it's going to be work, fine work, fine woodwork to be exact but what the hey.

Bellows length, 24" or 32"? If my patients run out I'll break down and order one; right around $400.00, ouch. Life is short and I must move on though. That's 20 hours of work at $20.00 per hour, if I could make a bellows for $20. an hour and the time to make one is 20 hours. Think one can be made to match the best commercially made bellows in just 20 hours? What's a person's time worth?

Funny thing, 11x14 looks kind of small and 8x10 sheets looks, well, tiny. Oh No!

Tim, is there any part of your project that you won't be making?