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A 14% drop in revenue vs a much larger rise in costs should equal more sales volume then previously.
I would like if it were like this, but unfortunately it is not.

Revenue is just price * volume sold. If prices had fallen more than 14%, and revenue slipped "only" 14%, that would have meant a volume increase.

profit is related to costs, revenue is not.

We don't have the profit picture, the revenue picture is certainly gloomy.

My opinion is that things might change dramatically when the crises ends. We are in the worst world economic crises of the last 80 years or so. Film at the moment is quite a discretionary spending. Photography, also professional photography, is bound to suffer in times of crises.

I hope Kodak and the others have financial breath long enough to arrive at the end of the tunnel. I would bet on a resurgence of film after that.