Terribly sorry for the delay on this! All I can offer as excuse is a "flat out at work", and it is absolutely true.

Anyways, on to lighter and more joyful things.

With Summer upon a lot of folks here and the mild and drier Southerly Winters we get Down Under, it's time to get out and enjoy the sunny weather ourselves.

The assignment for May-Jun is going to be:


As in: local flea markets, Summer outdoor markets, school market days, that sort of thing.

I'm after the atmosphere, the curious look when finding something unusual or a bargain, the odd looking family, the sceptical buyer, the boisterous kids, the haggling, etcetc. No need to include identifiable or recognizable single portraits, if that sort of thing rattles you.

Basically, the joy and excitment of human interaction at one of these events.

Enjoy your time outside, folks! I know I will.